Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I am not part of the FIU community, can I purchase from FIU Panther TECH?
A. Yes, you can! However, only FIU Students, Faculty/Staff and Alumni can purchase Apple products with an Education Discount (Mac and iPad).

Q. I don’t see any prices on your products?
A. Only registered users authorized to shop can see our prices, if you feel you should be eligible to shop but can't, please email us at

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?
A. In many cases we have the item in-stock and it should ship or be available for store pickup immediately. In other cases we need to order your item from a distributor/manufacturer. If you have questions regarding this feel free to email us at

Q. Where do I download Microsoft Office for FREE? (Only for FIU students currently enrolled in classes or FIU Faculty/Staff members) 
A. Navigate to and login with your My FIU credentials

Q. I am an FIU Alumni, can I purchase FIU Panther TECH?
A. Yes, you can purchase from us, please email us at



Q. Can you do warranty repairs?
A. We are an authorized service provider for Apple, Acer, Dell, Lenovo and HP. We also perform out of warranty repairs at competitive rates. Repairs and diagnostics performed at the front counter are free for all customers, regardless of warranty status.

Q. Is there a diagnostic fee paid in addition to any repair cost?
A. Generally, if a customer declines an out of warranty repair there may be a diagnostic fee of $49 assessed.

Q. How long do repairs usually take?
A. It depends on the issue with the computer and parts availability, some repairs can be completed within the same week others may take longer. You will receive your diagnosis estimate with the time specified at drop-off.


Payroll Deductions

Q. Can I return items purchased on payroll deduction?
A. No. We are not able to accept returns on payroll deduction items.  Defective or damaged products will be exchanged or repaired appropriately as determined by staff.

Q. How many payroll deductions can I have at a time for the FIU Panther TECH?
A. One payroll deduction at a time.

Q. The total purchase is over $500, but with my deposit, the deduction amount will be less. Is that ok?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I pay more than 10% down?
A. Yes. Ten percent is the minimum amount that needs to be paid.

Q. Can I spend over $3,000?
A. Yes, as long as after we apply your deposit the total amount for payroll deduction is no greater than $3,000.