Payroll Deductions FAQ

Q How much do I need to spend to use payroll deduction?
A You must spend at least $500 on the original payroll deduction and $300 on subsequent additions to existing payroll deductions.
Q Can I return items purchased on payroll deduction?
We are not able to accept returns on payroll deduction items. Defective or damaged products will be exchanged or repaired appropriately as determined by staff.
Q Can I pay more than 10% down?
A Yes.
Q Can I spend over $3,000?
A Yes. As long as after we apply your deposit the total amount for payroll deduction is no greater than $3,000.
Q Can I have items shipped to my home?
A Yes. Applicable shipping charges will apply.
Q Can I purchase iPhones or the Apple Watch through Payroll deduction?
A Unfortunately, no.  Apple does not allow its Authorized Campus Stores to sell iPhones or the Apple Watch.
Q Can you do warranty repairs?
A We are an authorized service provider for Apple, Dell, Lenovo, and many others. We also perform out of warranty repairs at competitive rates. Repairs and diagnostics performed at the front counter are free for all customers, regardless of warranty status.
Q Is there a diagnostic fee paid in addition to any repair cost?
A Generally, if a customer declines an out of warranty repair there may be a diagnostic fee of $45.00 assessed.
Q Do you service iPhones, iPads, or other devices?
A We are currently authorized to service iPads, iPods, laptops and desktops. We also offer screen repair for the most popular handsets including iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.
Q How long do repairs usually take?
A Our average turnaround time for the entire repair is 7-10 business days.